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English - Order 1
1. Hopping on the paretic foot only without support.
2. Going up and down stairs holding onto handrail.
3. Walking less than 5m, indoors, hanging onto pieces of furniture.
4. Walking outdoors on a flat ground without assistive device.
5. Walking backwards without support.
6. Going up stairs putting each foot on the next step without handrail.
7. Walking with the help of a person who guides but does not support.
8. Running on a flat and level ground.
9. Walking while holding a fragile object (eg, a glass full of water).
10. Striding over an object with the healthy foot first.
11. Turning and walking in a narrow space without support.
12. Kicking a ball with the paretic foot.
13. Going down stairs putting both feet on each step without handrail.
14. Walking more than 5m with assistive device (eg, cane).
15. Walking several minutes at a constant speed.

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